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Over 33 Hours flighting and we finally made it to Buenos Aires. missing our connecting flight to Mendoza, we decide to stay there for a couple of weeks which quickly escalated to over a month


After a partying month in the capital, we sought the enjoyment of a 14-hour coach journey to Iguazu Falls which we had to hear so much about from other travellers.

Completely worth it the panoramic view from Brazil and the power of what seemed to be an ocean dropping hundreds of feet in front of you in Argentia.

If you know anything about wine you will of heard of Mendoza in Argentina where they compete with chile on the other side of the Andes for the best Reds. This is an incredible experience hire a bike for a minimal amount of cycling around the vineyards tasting the wine and balancing the bike.

Sadly there was no evidence to a claimed handlebar nudge that sent dave flying off his bike after a day of sipping the local wines